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WHOOPING CRANES® Band America's Wildest Party Band, literally! Official website of U.S. trademarked band: Whooping Cranes. Music by Whooping Cranes is an energetic, wide spectrum of: classic/new rock, soul, swing, r&b, dance music, along with a twist of lime, a splash of reggae & calypso, and occasional jazzy surprises! Whooping Cranes band, founded in 1987 Atlanta, GA, is aka: 'Garret Factory & Whooping Cranes'. In early years, the group performed as an original music band in concerts, clubs, and festivals. Over the years, 'Whooping Cranes' band has also become 'the' in-demand U.S. Southeast dance band. And the group also rocks audiences with their real horn section. Check the website for shows, new music, and video releases. Whooping Cranes band is presented by Interchange Records. Whether it's the larger or smaller band version, crowds love "getting their party on" with this funky rock-soul band: Whooping Cranes. Copyright 1987-2024 Whooping Cranes - USA Registered Trademark