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WHOOPING CRANES® Band - America's wildest Party Band
The official website of the Whooping Cranes band! The music of Whooping Cranes band is a variety of rock, soul, blues, reggae, calypso, swing, alternative rock, R&B, dance music, & surprises. This group is the official US trademarked band Whooping Cranes.

The Whooping Cranes band was founded in Atlanta, GA/USA in 1988, and is also known as Garret Factory & The Whooping Cranes. In the early years, this group performed mostly as an original music band in concerts, clubs, & venues. As the years have rolled by, this band has become a very in-demand dance band throughout the Southeast US.

The Whooping Cranes band performs in major festivals, concerts, & events. At many shows, the Whooping Cranes are also rockin' with their Real Live horn section! Check into this website for info on shows, and updates on the new CD release from the Whooping Cranes on Interchange Records.

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